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Eurocor participates to LINC Congress in Leipzig (Germany)

Date: 2015/01/07

LINC Congress (Leipzig Interventional Course) is just about to take place from January 27th – 30th 2015, this year in Leipzig, Germany.

With a multidisciplinary attendance of 4.734 participants from more than 70 countries, LINC 2014 has once again been established as a leading global platform for the sphere of endovascular interventions. Eurocor is looking forward to show visitors innovative endovascular devices such as FREEWAY™ 014 and 035 peripheral drug-eluting balloon. Latest data of FREEWAY™ Stent and FREERIDE clinical trials will be presented there, as well as the first results of FREEWAY™ in AV-shunts indication.

Please be welcome to visit Eurocor GmbH at LINC 2015, on Booth No. 15a in the next Main Congress Hall.

The coating makes the difference. Eurocor drug-eluting balloons have a unique homogeneous coating. The coating done by Eurocor consists of a 1:1 mixture of Shellac and Paclitaxel. The natural resin of Shellac is broad on the balloon in a 1:1 mixture and hardens the balloon surface. Due to this effect the Eurocor drug-eluting balloons are non-crystalline and are showing nearly no wash out effect.
FREEWAY™ uses the same technology as Eurocor’s DIOR® paclitaxel-eluting coronary balloon but applies it to a new patient population. Eurocor’s latest second-generation drug-eluting technology PTA balloon FREEWAY™ has been developed as an alternative to address the limitations of existing therapeutic to PAD e.g. restenosis after POBA or stenting (ISR) . FREEWAY™ is available in two versions: 014 and 035.
FREEWAY™ 035 is designed for the treatment of femoropopliteal arteries where the use of stents can be limited by the occurrence of high restenosis rates and anatomical challenges.
In addition Eurocor offers a full dedicated product line for below the knee artery treatment, FREEWAY™ 014 for the treatment of patients with Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) where stenting is not a suitable solution for the lesion.

Meet Eurocor in Leipzig at LINC 2015.

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