Eurocor. Interventional Cardiology.

Eurocor Tech Headquarters Germany.
Dedicated to your heart.
Coronary stent technologies and special cardiovascular and endovascular devices made in Europe for the world.

About us

Eurocor is a growing European Life Sciences Technology corporation specializing in the research, development manufacture of interventional cardiovascular and endovascular products. Eurocor is providing interventional physicians with innovative cardio- and endovascular drug coated balloon devices and coronary stent technologies made in Europe for the world.

The Eurocor Mission; minimally invasive cardiovascular and endovascular technologies for successful treatment of coronary, endovascular and vascular artery disease. Strong Research & Development, close collaboration with clinicians, outstanding quality standard philosophy, and global scientific alliances lead to optimization of ultimate, clinically effective technologies.

Eurocor is gaining recognition every day, thanks to its innovative drug-eluting balloon technologies and coronary stent systems. The corporate philosophy; engineering for clinical success by following nature! The coronary stenting concept adapts to the nature of the permanently moving coronary arteries, with every heartbeat. The Minimization of stenting trauma plus the maximization of patient safety by the latest polymer-free, drug-eluting stenting technology defines Eurocor as a "leading-edge" medical device manufacturer in the world.

Eurocor has designed an innovative method for balloon catheter drug delivery with high patient compliance.
One heartbeat ahead® – with innovative products such as DIOR® and FREEWAY™.

Outstanding long-term patient results confirm Eurocor´s dedication to perfection. Greatest patient safety and highest clinical efficacy position Eurocor as a serious partner. Eurocor is 'Dedicated to the Heart!'

Eurocor Tech is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opto Eurocor Healthcare Limited and is part of the Opto Circuits Group