JOKER® 035 PTA balloon technology specifically designed for peripheral interventions

JOKER® 035 – OTW balloons for successful peripheral interventions

A treatment concept with extraordinary developed products

  • Wide spectrum of balloon catheters for treating long, diffuse lesions
    • - Up to 150 mm balloon length
    • - High rated burst pressure up to 16 atm for treating calcified lesions
  • Elaborated catheter technology with good crossability, trackability and pushability for treatment of diffuse lesions
    • - Dual-lumen shaft design with hydrophilic lubricious coating on distal shaft
  • Precise, controlled dilatation
    • - Controlled compliance for accurate balloon vessel sizing
    • - Flat shoulders
  • Short deflation time

Reach your destination with an enhanced JOKER® OTW 0.035" balloon designed to cross smoothly and deflate quickly.

  • 4-8 mm balloon diameter
  • 20-150 mm balloon length for 4-7 mm and 20-100 mm balloon lengthfor 8 mm diameter
  • 80 cm and 135 cm shaft lengths