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Genius Magic. Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent System with Super Thin Stent Strut Design.

Genius MAGIC Coronary Stent System

Genius MAGIC Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent System


Genius MAGIC represents the latest- State of the Art- cobalt chromium coronary stent technology. Based on the bioflexible stenting concept, Genius MAGIC effectively provides a "magical stenting performance", to the fullest satisfaction of the interventional cardiologist.

Technical Features

Genius MAGIC is made of L 605, a great material for stents.
It has even 10% less Nickel content than stainless steel. Nickel is one major material factor which produces sensitivity reaction. For sensitive patients like Diabetic patients, Genius MAGIC is recommended.

Super-thin stent of 0.0025" strut thickness only,
reduces foreign body impact.

The total stent volume is minus 55% if compared with most other coronary stents, widely used on the market. Comment of renown US pathologist Renu Virmani at an interview at PCR 06.: "Struts make a big difference. It is clear that the thinner the struts the better the design."

Lowest Lesion Crossing Profile of 0.032" only.

Almost totally occluded coronary arteries can be crossed and treated!

Unsurpassed deliverability and conformability.

Genius MAGIC provides great catheter pushability and trackability for a highly successful lesion crossing success rate!

Genius MAGIC unmatched stent flexibility.

Its biology based stent bio-mechanics minimize stent friction forces to the arterial wall, with every heart beat. Restenosis complication is reduced significantly!

Genius MAGIC is an ideal stent for treating fibrotic and calcified lesions!

Despite of the thinnest stent struts, thanks to the high material strength of the cobalt chromium alloy L 605, Genius MAGIC is the First Choice!

Genius MAGIC is ideal for treatment of complex lesions.

Due to reduced stent metal surface, bifurcation stenting, for instance in LAD/D1 is easily possible. - Other, typical stenting indications for MAGIC: Restenotic proximal circumflex with a sharp bend at the origin of the circumflex from the left main. - Implantation in a very tight ostial RCA lesion.

The multiple benefits for the patient after Genius MAGIC stent implantation

  • Reduction of in-stent restenosis
  • Reduction of acute vessel recoil
  • Reduction of rate of target lesion revascularisation
  • Reduction of the occurence of major adverse cardiac events
  • Reduction of late stent thrombosis
  • Reduction of costs of invasive treatment of significant coronary
    artery disease by reduction of need of repeat angiography