FREEWAY Shunt Balloon Catheter High pressure DEB for the treatment of shunt stenosis

High pressure DEB

FREEWAY™ – Shunt DEB protects AV fistulas and shunt grafts from early restenosis

FREEWAY™ – Shunt DEB bioshell coating matrix

The FREEWAY™ shunt DEB is a clinically proven therapeutical option for AV shunt patients. The feasibility study presented at LINC 2015, showed a low re-intervention rate of 11% at follow up.
• For the treatment of AV fistulas
• Reduces re-intervention
• Preserves future treatment option

Freeway broschure

FREEWAY Shunt Balloon Catheter brochure

FREEWAY™ – Shunt DEB bioshell coating matrix

The excellent film forming properties of shellac are used to coat gastric resistant tablets.

The FREEWAY™ – Shunt DEB bioshell coating matrix consists of a natural resin, which is EMEA and FDA approved (GRAS) as food additive under E 904.

Neither direct contact to shellac-coated materials nor exposure to shellac extraction products impaired HDMEC and hSMC viability and function in vitro.
Shellac is a natural resin composed of shellolic and alleuritic acid.
The coating consists of a 1:1 mixture of Paclitaxel with shellac applied to the balloon by a micro-pipetting procedure in a clean room under sterile conditions.

First experience with DEB in AV-fistulas

Prospective Registry-Design

• 33 lesions
• DEB dilatation with mandatory predilatation
• Planned follow-up by ultrasound: 3 months
• St. Joseph Hospital Berlin

Baseline lesions (N=33)

Baseline lesions (N=33)

Revascularizations during follow-up

AV fistula