E-MAGIC PLUS Sirolimus Eluting Cobalt Chromium
Coronary Stent System

The E-Magic Plus™ Sirolimus eluting stent system, is combining the latest L605 CoCr stent technology with a fully biodegradable Poly DL-lactide-co-glycolide polymer.

Its ultra-low catheter profile, together with tapered tip design, provides an optimal delivery, even to the most challenging lesions. It enables high pressure inflations, and can be used for post stent inflation.

The open cell structure is optimal for side branch access, while its low profile and ultra thin struts, ensures minimized trauma to vessel wall and high flexibility and conformability.

The new alliance of a fully biodegradable polymer, together with Sirolimus efficiency to prevent restenosis, assures a homogeneous drug distribution and uniform release kinetics. Such combination is expected to demonstrate long term efficacy as well as extremely low rate of late stent thrombosis.

E-Magic Plus™ is available in a full range of 52 sizes:

  • diameter from 2.25 to 4.0 mm
  • stent length from 8 to 40 mm