AMADEUS SUPERCROSS Coronary Dilatation Catheter

The New RX Coronary Dilatation Catheter

  • The ultimate technology for any coronary dilatation performance. A challenge for tight and occluded lesions.
  • The smoothest (and finest) transition for perfect Control. Optimized torque and force transmission. Excellent tractability without friction.
  • Progressive Transition The exclusive distal end hypotube design provides a linear stiffness decreasing to more than 12 cm to meet and support the distal catheter flexibility. Push transmission smoothly to the distal end.
  • Balloon Material POLYAMIDE for its unrivalled performance: 22 bars pressure resistance, tear and puncture resistance. Low thickness.
  • Excellent Deflation Profil
  • Ultra Tapered Tip
  • Super Thin Profile The balloon material thinness, the non-over-thickness construction of the inner tube with perfectly integrated radiopaque markers, and the folding, give an exceptional, homogenous profile to the balloon length.