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Dediacted to Your heart.
Life Sciences Technology.
Coronary stent technologies and special cardiovascular and endovascluar devices made in Europe for the world.

Visit our Exhibition Stand #13 at the GulfPCR

Date: 2017/11/28

From December 13th – 14th 2016 Eurocor will be present at GulfPCR in Dubai, UAE

Bonn Nov 28, 2017

GulfPCR 2017, the Middle-Eastern Cardiovascular Course is planned to start on 13 Dec and end on 14 Dec 2017. The Course will be hosted at the Grand Hyatt Dubai in Dubai, UAE. With an expanded programme covering an extensive array of cases such as Medical, Medicine and Cardiovascular, GulfPCR 2017 is forecasted to host attendance of a thousand of professionals of the cardiovascular industry.

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Eurocor Booth - General information

You will find our booth at exhibition stand #13, close to the bag pick up.

Course Venue:
Grand Hyatt Dubai, Convention Centre
PO Box 7978, Dubai, UAE

Exhibition Hours:
Wednesday, Dec 13 07:30 – 19:15
Thursday, Dec 14 08:00 – 18:00

The Company:

Eurocor is a rapidly growing European Life Sciences Technology Corporation specializing in the research, development and manufacture of cardiovascular and endovascular products. Eurocor provides interventional physicians with innovative coronary stent technologies and special cardiovascular and endovascular devices, manufactured in Bonn. Products are indicated for minimally invasive cardiovascular and peripheral surgery and comply with biological and biomechanical principles to offer highly flexible, adaptable solutions. Extensive research and development, close clinician collaboration, outstanding quality standard philosophy and global scientific alliances lead to optimization of clinically effective technologies. Eurocor has designed an innovative method for balloon catheter drug delivery with high patient compliance. One heartbeat ahead® – with innovative products such as DIOR® and FREEWAY™.
Eurocor GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opto Eurocor Healthcare Limited and is part of the Opto Circuits Group.
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