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Eurocor Abstracts ranked and honored at CRT Congress 2013

Date: 2013/03/21

Eurocor GmbH, a European specialist in drug-eluting balloon (DEB/DCB) technology participated in the Cardiovascular Research Technologies (CRT) Congress 2013 in Washington DC, held in February. Two of Eurocor’s Abstracts were ranked and honored at the congress, namely:

• Ranked 1 for DES ISR subgroup analysis of Valentines I trial by Dr Joshua Loh Ping Yun, Singapore

• Ranked 7 for Angiographic results from Valentines II trial by Dr Joshua Loh Ping Yun, Singapore

The Eurocor Abstracts were selected out of other Top 10 nominations under 149 accepted Abstracts in 4 categories. Both Abstracts have also been published in JACC Interventions, the best read cardiovascular journal worldwide. Further, the final results from Valentines Trial II have also been accepted for publication in EuroIntervention.

About DIOR® Drug Eluting Balloon
The Paclitaxel-eluting Balloon PTCA Catheter DIOR® is specifically designed for the treatment of in-stent-restenosis (ISR), small vessel disease and de novo lesions. DIOR® DEB/DCB was the first CE-marked DEB launched in 2007. In 2009 Eurocor launched DIOR® with a second generation coating consisting of a unique bioshell coating. More than 1000 patients included in international, multicenter DEB RCTs and registries show that the DIOR® is a safe and proven treatment option for the named indications.

About Valentines Trial I
Eurocor’s groundbreaking Valentines Trial I was conducted with an objective to assess the efficacy of the paclitaxel-eluting balloon DIOR® at 6-9 months for in-stent restenosis (ISR in both, bare metal stents (BMS) and drug-eluting stents (DES)). 250 patients suffering from ISR were enrolled by 96 investigators from 26 countries starting 14th February 2010. The eight-month results clearly and convincingly showed that the DIOR® DEB is a very effective and safe treatment for cases of in-stent restenosis, both for bare metal (BMS) and drug-eluting (DES) stents.
The treatment with DIOR® DEB resulted in a very low TLR rate of 7.4% on average, 5.1% for bare metal stents and 10.8% for drug-eluting stents. The study results further showed DIOR® DEB to be effective in patients that suffer from diabetes with a TLR rate of an average of 11.5%.

About Valentines Trial II
103 patients suffering from de novo lesions were enrolled by 38 Investigators from 16 countries starting between February 14th and March 31st 2011. A follow-up rate of 99 % was reached with a 50.5% on-site Clinical Monitoring. The treatment with DIOR® DEB resulted in a very low overall target lesion revascularization (TLR) rate of 2.9% and a target vessel revascularization (TVR) rate of 6.9%. Also, the overall major adverse cardiac event (MACE) rate of 8.7% was remarkably low. The late lumen loss (LLL) upon angiographic follow-up of a subset of patients was 0.38 ± 0.39 mm. A subgroup analysis of the patients suffering from diabetes (28.2%) showed that the DIOR® DEB is effective in this population with a single digit TLR rate of 6.9% and a TVR rate of 13.8% at 6-9 months follow-up post treatment. The non-diabetic group of patients showed a TLR rate of 1.4% and a TVR rate of 4.1% at 6-9 months follow-up.

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