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Eurocor supports Sailing Trip for children with heart diseases

Date: 2012/08/13

One-week sailing trip started August 13 in Rostock (Germany)
15 children with heart diseases are on board

Bonn based Medical Device Company Eurocor supports this year again the sailing trip for children with heart diseases. The one week sailing trip is organized by the German Heart Center (DKHZ) – Asclepios Clinic Sankt Augustin (Germany). They started on August 13 in Rostock in the Baltic Sea and will return on August 20 in the harbor of Eckernförde (Germany). The Sailing Trip is a special kind of therapy. The 15 young patients, aged between 9 and 19, are suffering from various, sometimes very complex heart diseases. On board, the two senior physicians Dr. Walter and Dr. Bea Wiebe are caring for the children, together with a nurse. The aim is, to enhance the independency and to help the children by finding ways how to live with their diseases. In individual and group interviews, a therapeutic patient access is sought to work together on things like self-esteem, insight into the disease, perception and enhancement of independence. The experience of the past has shown that the boys and girls are dealing very openly among themselves with their illness, worries and fears and mutually ascribe courage and confidence. „This unique and intensive care and therapy is often not feasible in the everyday routine of the hospital“, commented Dr. W. Wiebe, Senior Physician of the Pediatric Cardiology in the DKHZ – Asclepios Clinic (Germany).
Under the leadership of Captain Riecke Boomgarden the three-masted Sigandor will lead the young crew safely through the Baltic Sea. The course will be determined by the children themselves – this is also part of the daily responsibilities such as cooking, set sail or cleaning the cabin. Beside insight into the disease and independency they will also participate from team work and fun.
Eurocor is international producer and marketer of drug-eluting balloons, dilatation catheter and stent systems. As last year Eurocor is supporting the sailing trip financial with a generous donation. „The young patients will have an intense and exciting week with guidance but far away from daily hospital routine. For me, it is a heartfelt wish to support this special experience”, says Katja Hausner Vice President Corporate Business & Services, Eurocor GmbH.

Sailing Trip for children with heart diseases

Press Release: Eurocor supports Sailing Trip for children with heart diseases

Pressemitteilung: Eurocor unterstützt Segeltörn herzkranker Kinder