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JIM Joint Interventional Meeting 2012

Date: 2012/01/31

Come and meet us during JIM congress 2012

Eurocor will be present at the annual JIM congress in Rome (Italy). The meeting will comprise of live practical demonstrations as well as state of the art symposia. The live cases will focus on what is meant by optimal implantation of a drug eluting stent. Live demonstrations will include treatment of adult valvular heart disease, structural heart disease and selected peripheral interventions. Lunch and evening symposia fulfil this target.

Visit the breakfast symposium: February 11th 2012, 7.00 am (Room Giotto)

“Drug Eluting Balloons"

Chairmen: Antonio Colombo, Eberhard Grube

07:00 Bifurcation and other selected application of DEB
Pieter R. Stella

07:10 Results of the Valentines Trial
Ron Waksman

07:20 Final results of the BELLO: randomized trial of Taxus vs. drug-eluting balloon
Antonio Colombo

07:30 Long term (5 years) clinical data of peripheral drug eluting balloons with Paccocath® technology
Giuseppe M. Sangiorgi

07:40 Pantera Lux for ISR: experience of Centro Cardiologico Monzino
Stefano Galli

07:50 Questions & Answers

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Eurocor at JIM congress in Rome, Italy