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Eurocor allows sailing trip for children with heart disease

Date: 2011/07/26

Press Release

Eurocor allows sailing for children with heart disease

• Concept of cardiac long-term care for young patients of Asklepios Clinic Sankt Augustin (Germany)
• Two master SIGANDOR with youth set sail on 24 July
Bonn – Eckernförde (Germany), 25 July 2011 – Eurocor supported with a generous donation this year's sailing trip of the German Pediatric Heart Center Sankt Augustin - Asklepios Clinic. The two-master SIGANDOR set sail in the Baltic Sea on Sunday 24 July, starting from Eckernförde (Germany). 13 highly motivated boys and girls aged between 12 and 22 are on board. The young patients in the hospital are suffering from various, sometimes very complex heart diseases. The concept of the sailing trip this year is taking part for the 10th Time, from July 24 to 31. The daily route will be discussed with the children every day and is based on the current weather situation.
The aim is firstly to improve the interaction between doctors and patients by allowing a personal consultation and intensive care on board. This can also improve the understanding of the disease in children. In individual and group interviews, a therapeutic patient access is sought to work together on things like self-esteem, insight into the disease, perception and enhancement of independence. Dr. Walter Wiebe, senior physician of pediatric cardiology, organized the sailing trip together with his wife, senior physician Dr. Bea Wiebe and nurse Sina. He knows that the special situation on the ship can achieve a lot. “The children don’t have that many contacts with other heart disease children in their daily life. On board everybody is having his particular function and responsibility, starting from making sail to reading the sea chart. We found out that this continuous exposure is very good for the kids”, he remarks. The hospital team will also be supported by the experienced skipper and owner of Sigandor, Rieke Boomgaarden. He also knows that the children are often more approachable for talks, discussions and experiences in this new environment. In many cases the loosening of a frequent family overprotection opens the process of learning und understanding for the children.
Each of the children is sick, partly with very complex diseases. On the ship, the disease is installed in the daily routine so that children can learn to handle it. Thus, for example, children cook together and the diabetes patients then calculate together the value of insulin, to strengthen the personal responsibility and self awareness.
In addition, of course, the fun and variety out of the hospital routine are put in the foreground. “We have seen in recent years that often deep friendships result from the common sailing“, Dr. Walter Wiebe reports.
Katja Hausner, Director Corporate Business Affairs at Eurocor explained: „It is a wonderful opportunity for us to help children that suffer from heart disease. We are very happy to give with our donation these children a good opportunity to break out of the daily life in hospital. Also, children from socially disadvantaged families are hereby given an unforgettable opportunity. And they are still receiving medical care on board. To support the sailing trip for us is therefore a real affair of the heart“. For the next year the sailing trip will be financially secured by Eurocor, too.

Eurocor allows sailing trip for children with heart disease

Eurocor ermöglicht Segeltörn herzkranker Kinder

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Sigandor Team

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