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Eurocor is present on the "Röntgenkongress" in Hamburg

Date: 2011/05/30

Eurocor Symposium, June 2nd 2011 - 12:30 - 13.30

Title: Drug-Eluting balloons: Update 2011 and prespectives: Next generation coating

Eurocor will participate at the 92th German Radiology Congress (92. Röntgenkongress). The Congress will be held June 1 to 4, 2011 at the Congress Centre Hamburg, Germany. 7.500 participants joined the congress last year. Eurocor’s symposium ‘drug-eluting balloons – update 2011 and perspectives: next generation coating’ will take place in Room Levy-Dorn on June 2, 12:30 to 13:30 pm. Top-class speakers will present first outcomes and experiences with the drug-eluting peripheral PTA Balloon FREEWAY™. Chairperson will be Prof. Dr. Josef Tacke, Clinical Centre Passau.

Eurocor announces at the same time the launch of the new peripheral balloon catheter FREEWAY™ 035 DEB for the German market. This new drug-eluting balloon is specifically designed for peripheral interventions e.g. for the use in Superficial femoral artery (SFA) lesions.

Chairperson: Josef Tacke, Clinical Centre Passau

12:30 Introduction (J. Tacke, Passau, Germany)
12:32 Drug-Eluting Balloons in femoropopliteal peripheral arterial disease: Introduction, trial results and ongoing program (K. Brechtel, Tübingen, Germany)
12:47 Drug-Eluting Balloons in infrapopliteal peripheral arterial desease - Introduction, limitations of the conventional treatment with POBA (S. Müller-Hülsbeck, Flensburg, Germany)
13:02 Perspectives: The benefit of DEB in the daily practice – Current and future indications (S. Duda, Berlin, Germany)
13:12 New coating concept: The coating makes the difference - Evaluation of Shellac for the covering of intravascular instruments
(K. Peters, Rostock, Germany)
13:22 Discussion: F&A regarding DEB in peripheral arterial disease
(J. Tacke, Passau, Germany)

Eurocor Symposium in Hamburg

Eurocor press release German Radiology Congress

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