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Eurocor had a successful presence at EuroPCR 2011 in Paris

Date: 2011/05/25

Bonn, May 25, 2011 - Eurocor GmbH, a leading developer and producer of interventional products, arranged symposiums and lectures dedicated to current experiences with drug-eluting balloons (DEB) at one of the leading cardiovascular congresses worldwide, the EuroPCR. Eurocor showed a strong presence on all days and presented their whole cardiovascular and endovascular product range at a unique designedly exhibition stand.
Some highlights from the event:

- Eurocor’s well-attended symposium named ‘Drug-Eluting Balloons: current practice and future perspectives’ was chaired by Prof. Sigmund Silber (Germany) and Dr. Antonio Serra (Spain). Prof. Silber (Germany) provided a lecture on the current role of DEBs. He pointed out that the DIOR® DEB is in accordance with the ESC guidelines (2010) IIa, which recommend the usage of DEB for in-stent restenosis (ISR) in bare metal stents (BMS).
- Dr. Antonio Serra (Spain) announced the 12 months outcome of the Spanish Multicenter Registry. The study was conducted to investigate the outcome of treatment with DIOR® DEB of very small vessels. In very small vessels (1.98 mm mean vessel diameter), the TLR rate at 12 months was very low with 2.9%, which is remarkable.
- Dr. Pieter Stella (Netherlands) presented the database of the Valentines Trial with the largest group of patients ever enrolled to show efficacy of DEB in treatment of ISR. The studies show that the DIOR® DEB is safe and effective in the treatment of ISR.
- Prof. Schulte from Germany highlighted a glimpse of first experiences with the drug-eluting peripheral PTA Balloon FREEWAY™ and announced first results of new randomized studies.
- Dr. Chandra from India, Dr. Alfredo Rodriguez from Argentina and Prof. Huay Cheem Tan from Singapore shared their views on innovative DEB technologies and experiences with high class products such as DIOR® DEB and FREEWAY™ DEB.

Comments from Mrs. Katja Hausner, Director Corporate Business Affairs, Eurocor GmbH: ‘We are very satisfied with the tremendous response and attendance at our symposiums, lectures and booth. The EuroPCR was a complete success for Eurocor from a scientific as well as a commercial point of view. We look forward to strengthening our activities worldwide to leverage on this success.’

All photos: Source Blechschmidt Design

Eurocor booth 2011 (source: Blechschmidt Design)

Eurocor booth 2011 bar

Eurocor booth products (source: Belchschmidt Design)

Eurocor booth back side left (source: Blechschmidt Design)

Eurocor booth suite front right

Eurocor booth Valentines Trial game (source: Blechschmidt Design)

Eurocor had a successful presence at EuroPCR 2011 in Paris

Erfolgreiche Messe für Eurocor auf der EuroPCR in Paris