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The Valentines Trial - Enrolment finished

Date: 2010/03/09

The Valentines Trial is the first global registry to include ISR cases treated with the drug eluting balloon DIOR®, as it was connected to CRT 2010, it has been the first congress dedicated clinical trial ever. As planned the enrolment started on Valentines Day 2010 and proceeded till 23rd February – the closing day of the CRT congress in Washington DC.
The organizers: Prof. Sigmund Silber (Munich), Dr. Pieter Stella (Utrecht), Dr. Giuseppe Sangiorgi (Modena), Dr. Ron Waksman (Washington DC) and Dr. Rembert Pogge von Strandmann (Bonn) are delighted to announce that more than 230 patients have been treated according the protocol in the stipulated time frame.