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Eurocor at EuroPCR 2009

Date: 2009/06/04

Eurocor at EuroPCR 2009 in Barcelona
Eurocor participated successfully at EuroPCR in Barcelona

May 19 - 22 2009

Eurocor booth at EuroPCR 2009 (PDF)

The EuroPCR is one of the most important conventions during the year for Eurocor. This year it took place from May 19th – 22nd at the CCIB Forum in Barcelona, Spain. The company showed a strong performance during all days. The new designed booth positioned Eurocor as a global player and showed path braking ideas.

Many visitors came to the booth and so Eurocor was able to strengthen former connections and built up new ones. Beside the important discussion and meetings Eurocor contributed as well to the scientific program of EuroPCR. During the session “Innovative coronary devices - Part II” the talk “Drug-eluting balloon DIOR, enhanced Version” by Rembert Pogge von Strandmann was presented. It was a very well attended lecture about the DEB DIOR, teaching about developments and outcomes of preclinical work. A 30-45 sec inflation time is recommended to ensure safe drug transfer.

During the session “Glimpse into the future: Drug-eluting Balloon” by Pieter Stella, an invited keynote lecture by a world leading expert, on the concept and world wide status of DEB, highlighting his personal experience with the DIOR balloon. During the session “Patients with acute coronary syndromes: optimal revascularisation is life saving” a live case by Antonio Serra was held. An excellent case performed and live transmitted to the audience, solving an ISR with a DIOR balloon

Moreover Eurocor had two live cases in cooperation with Patrick Serruys from the Erasmus Hospital, Rotterdam. One focussed on DIOR and Covered Stent, the other one on DIOR ISR. In front of the cases there was a short video trailer mentioning Dior 2nd Generation by Eurocor and a close up product movie was shown.

The EuroPCR contributes to the promotion of education and information, on existing and developing techniques in interventional cardiology. The objective of this annual course is to inform practitioners of the latest technological developments and offer practical tips and tricks that help interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons make the right ethical choice for each individual patient. It is also the official annual meeting of the European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI). More than 10.000 professionals attended the Course, held - for the third year - in Barcelona, Spain.

P. Stella: Drug Eluting Balloons - Background and Rationale (PDF)

R. Pogge von Strandmann: Session (PDF)

SCAI 2009 (PDF)

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