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About Eurocor: Eurocor on TV Broadcast N24

About Eurocor

Eurocor is a rapidly growing European Life Sciences Technology Corporation specializing in the research, development and manufacture of cardiovascular and endovascular products. Eurocor provides interventional physicians with innovative coronary stent technologies and special cardiovascular and endovascular devices, manufactured in Europe. Products are indicated for minimally invasive cardiovascular and peripheral surgery and comply with biological and biomechanical principles to offer highly flexible, adaptable solutions. Extensive research and development, close clinician collaboration, outstanding quality standard philosophy and global scientific alliances lead to optimization of clinically effective technologies. Eurocor has designed an innovative method for balloon catheter drug delivery with high patient compliance.

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Product extract

  • DIOR Paclitaxel-coated
    Coronary dilatation catheter
    Drug-Eluting-Balloon (DEB)
    The next generation coronary technologies. DIOR, the Paclitaxel coated coronary balloon dilatation catheter, available NOW. The ultimate patient treatment method for treating bifurcated Coronary artery lesions, small coronary artery diameter and In-stent Restenosis and the innovative option for bare metal stenting.
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  • Genius MAGIC Cobalt Chromium
    Coronary Stent System
    The clinially superior cobalt chromium coronary stent system with superthin stent strut design, which ensures optimal neointimal stent protection.The FIRST CHOICE for direct stenting and small vessel diameter.
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  • Genius TAXCOR I Coronary Stent System The bioflexible stent flexes in full conformity with the stented and flexing coronary artery, with every hearbeat. Taxcor I minimizes the stent-induced arterial wall stress, thus the mechanical stenting trauma, which results in significantly lower neointimal hyperplasia reaction.
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  • AMADEUS SUPERCROSS Coronary Dilatation Catheter The low profile, high pressure PTCA Coronary Dilatation PTCA catheter for all lesions.
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  • FREEWAY 014 Paclitaxel releasing over the wire (OTW) PTA balloon catheter FREEWAY™ 014 – latest second-generation drug-releasing technology PTA balloon technology specifically designed for infrapopliteal interventions
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